“Flow, twist, turn, leap.

Evolve on a daily basis to move forward in your art. Never stop;

there is always something new to discover.”

Wendy Gibbins

Dance Teacher / Choreographer

Wendy Gibbins is a British national, born with a lust for artistic adventure. Wendy is a well-known and sought-after choreographer she is a resident of Athens, Greece.

Wendy started her career as a dancer and loved every minute. She then evolved into choreography and excelled. After her vast experience as a dancer and choreographer; movement wasn’t enough for her therefore she turned her hand to writing her own plays and books. Her books are available for her readers and her plays are staged for her audience to watch.

Wendy’s latest accomplishment: Winner of the Gianni Fleri award at the Academy Korfiatikon Hellenic Aristic Awards, for best movement and choreography in a play for the performance “Kiss on Her Wings”.

Wendy creates choreography for; Theatrical performances, TV shows, Video Clips, recording Artists’ live  performances, and advertisements (tv spots and live events).

Every choreography Wendy works on is a challenge and a pleasure to her, she creates, and stretches the boundaries of the imagination, to express the theme, product, song and performer that the choreography has been created for.

Some of her collaborations include, recording artists: Anna Vissi, Helena Paparizou, Evridiki, Dimitri Korgialas, Elli Kokkinou. Advertising events include; Belvedere vodka, Audi, Renault, Black Eristoff,   Schwartzkorf. Wendy’s work as a choreographer has taken her to; Estonia, Finland, Cyprus, Romania and as far as Australia.

“Every choreography should excite, explain part of a story or touch an audience on an emotional level.  Creating choreography is about utilizing and developing the appropriate movement and aesthetic image to create the desired impact to affect the audience in the way intended.”