Choreography by Wendy Gibbins

Choreography for Lefteris Ioannou


Concept & Composition – Lefteris Ioannou

Choreography – Wendy Gibbins

Performer – Margot Dudjet

Taped at Art Zen

Piano – Ai Motohashi

Recorded at BK Studios by H. Biris

Mixed by H. Biris & Lefteris Ioannou

Videography – Fotis ingie Papatheodorou

© 2019 Lefteris Ioannou

Choreography for Theatre Performances

The footage shown is taken from the performance Escape which played in the theatre Broadway in Athens Greece.

Choreography for Recording Artists


Footage taken from performances by: Anna Vissi, Fever, Athens; Helena Paparizou, Katse Kala video clip; Christos Dantis, Eurovision song contest entry No Madonna; One, Gimme, Gimme Cypriot entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 sixth place; Anna Vissi, Fever Athens, tifli empistosini Elli Kokkinou, video clip Erota Mou; Kalomira, Mad Awards; Anna Vissi, Concert.

Choreography for TV Programs

Footage of choreographies from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Greece.