DANCE CLASSES by Wendy Gibbins

Wendy has a number of students who are currently studying in professional schools abroad and who are now working professionally. She values her ability to motivate her students to excel. Wendy loves to inspire young people to achieve their goals in dance.

Wendy is presently teaching Musical Theatre Jazz Dance classes at the  En Roi Dance School

Musical Theatre Jazz Dance is the type of Jazz Dance used in Musical Theatre (Musicals) performances. All choreography for Musical Theatre requires a strong dance technique to give a slick, clean performance. Wendy teaches classes from beginners to advanced/professional standards. Each class consists of a technical warm-up, isolations, a pirouette and turn section, across the floor combinations, jumps (Allegro), floor work, and ends with a choreography in the style of a particular choreographer or performance. The choreographies are tailored to the level of the pupils. The class work is based on the styles of Katherine Dunham, Luigi (Eugene Louis Faccuito), and Matt Mattox. Wendy, takes into consideration that coordination is always a challenge for students, her classwork caters to break all coordination barriers, therefore, the students gain confidence and ease when faced with even the most challenging choreographies either in a class or an audition. Emphasis is also given to the ability to perform; the use of expression is paramount in dance performance.

En Roi 

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The dance class Wendy teaches at the Ilioupoli Dance School is a choreography class. The styles of the choreographies taught in this class are; Commercial Jazz, Street Jazz, and contemporary Jazz. Her students love the challenge, and she loves seeing the students excel.

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Collaborations with dance Schools

Due to the demand, Wendy has now started collaborating with dance schools to provide choreographies for their end of year performances. The methods she successfully uses in this type of collaboration are:

  1. The teacher comes to her space and has private sessions in which Wendy teaches her/him the choreography to the music and standard of dance that has been requested.

  2. The teacher/school organises a seminar workshop in which the requested choreographies are taught directly to the students.



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