Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite

“I’ve only known two men’s souls in my life, one the devil, the other the bird’s wings which picked me up and carried me back to the freedom of being.” This quote from Kiss on Her Wings is a powerful statement of love and trust which Wendy Gibbins illustrates in a profound way in this novella. Simon and Beth have a deep love that is true and lasting. When Simon stumbles across a journal among the books on Beth’s shelf, he begins to read the story of a horrible crime, the person who committed it and the victim. As he continues to read, he is filled with numerous changing emotions. Interrupting his reading are mysterious phone calls and the discovery of a bank book with large sums being withdrawn every few months. He wonders if Beth has gotten herself into something. As he continues reading, he begins to put the pieces together. Will his discoveries destroy their love? Will he be able to help Beth escape the problems that she is facing?

The depth of this love story is brought to light in a very subtle, but genuine manner. Kiss on Her Wings contrasts the depths of evil with the heights of genuine love. Wendy Gibbins has subtly created a masterpiece in this novella, touching both worlds in a very real way. The patience, endurance, and honesty of genuine love, even at the risk of losing it all, is expertly demonstrated by Simon’s quiet commitment to Beth. Genuine, intriguing and inspiring, Kiss on Her Wings will raise your spirits as well and restore your confidence in the existence and power of true love.