Quivering Shadows

by Wendy Gibbins

Come, have a glass of wine and meet our dysfunctional, in a fashion company: Vamp, Elisa, Frankie, and Drumstick, at Ergotaksio theatre space. We were orphaned at the rebirth of our current selves.

If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you find something romantic, say ah. If you find something sad, feel free to cry. Our group (parea) is a little quirky, and messed up, as most are.

Spend some time in our world, while we sing, dance a little, and tell you some stories, a sense of humor brightens every event.

Listen to our music, listen to our voices and please take heed to what we have to say, our wisdom may save your insanity.

Stage composition of poems, music & motionConcept – Direction – Song options: Wendy Gibbins

Translation – Text editing: Katerina Zacharioudaki

Music editing: Manos Tsoupakis

Interpreted by:

Theodoros Sourmelis / Frank

Katerina Zacharioudaki / Elisa Day

Antonis Papadakis / Vamp

Manos Tsoupakis (Drums)

Poetry: Wendy Gibbins – T.S. Eliot – EDWARD LEAR


Kiss On her Wings

A play based on the book ‘Kiss on Her Wings’ by Wendy Gibbins.

Two men, two kisses. A woman. The power of the male, violent or intimate. A boy uses power; the dark, the devil, a sexual predator playing with his victim destroying his game. He forgets he will face his nemesis. A girl filled with exuberance, crushed! She fights her way out of the dark; a painful journey, a street full of holes. Her shame, her secret. A man; loving, compassionate, doesn’t recognise this a power. The kiss a destroyer or an act of passion? She knows there is a man with a loving soul.

And all this is portrayed through dialogue and movement.

A movement that blends the facts and the circumstances of the story. Through the work, the audience will become absorbed in the unfolding story. They will see the characters circumstances and the inner battle people deal with. In a two-way relationship between theatre and psychoanalysis, and the movement that evolves or stems from it.

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